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  • The structure of an ECG Electrode (with picture)
  • Why use Silver
  • Structure of a signal
  • Structure of Chart Paper
  • Types of Connections
  • Storage of ECG Electrode
  • Skin Preparation for use of ECG Electrodes
  • How many Electrodes are used for a Stress Test (Treadmill Test)
  • What are pediatric or neonatal ECG electrodes


Storage of ECG Electrode

For getting a good signal without artifacts, the gel in the electrode needs to be fresh and moist. To prevent the gel from drying out, the following precautions may be taken.

  • Do not store in warm conditions. Ideally store at less than 25 C
  • Once a pouch is opened, do not store for a long time.
  • Keep open pouches in ziploc bags to prevent drying out
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