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Silco Silver Cervical Collar

Preventing neck pain and avoiding injury can be done by limiting the motion of the neck using a neck collar.

Neck pain has become so common that many people often tend to ignore the problem. When most neck problems can be cured by wearing a good soft collar, most people often refrain from this simple solution. This may lead to further complications in the future. Most episodes of neck pain are due to a muscle strain from poor posture — whether it’s leaning onto your computer at work, hunching over your workbench at home or sleeping in an awkward position. Rarely, neck pain can be a symptom of more serious problems like a trauma or injury, whiplash, wear-and-tear, arthritis or other soft tissue sprains (ligaments, tendons).

Dyna offers a variety of Soft Cervical Collars for minimal immobilisation of the neck. These are made of soft foam padding to provide a high level of wearer comfort. They gently stabilise and immobilises the cervical spine allowing muscles to relax and gives an extra support to prevent further damage.  Since they “remind” the wearer to maintain good posture, they are also known as “reminder collars”


Brand Feature MRP
Dyna The class best-selling soft collar launched in 1980 390 Buy
Silco With silver yarn to eliminate smell and itching even with long hours of use 360 Buy
Innolife A sleek European design. In dark blue. 470 Buy
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