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A thumb spica splint is used to provide support for thumb injuries(ligament instability, Sprain or muscle strain), fracture, thumb sprains, post-operative removal of casts of the hand/ thumb.


Dyna Thumb spica splint

  • Dyna Thumb Spica splint is a convienent device designed to keep the thumb in the functional position.
  • It immobilises the joint of the thumb without inhibiting hand movement. Helps reduce pain and inflammation and prevents further thumb injury.

Dyna Innolife Thumb Spica Splint

  • Dyna Innolife thumb spica splint is a Premium thumb spica splint with anatomically conforming stays made of high density polyethylene.
  • Hook and loop closures at the wrist and near the thumb nail help restrict movement and provide maximum support.

Available as
Dyna Thumb spica splint
Dyna Innolife Thumb Spica Splint

Size Available
Circumference around the wrist

One Size Fits Most

Directions for use

Slip the thumb through the thumb loop with stays parallel to the thumb

Fasten the top strap around the thumb

Apply the lower strap around the wrist

Apply the hook and loop closures neither too loose nor too tight


Immobilises and protects injured thumb joint

Relieves pain and inflammation

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