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Genugrip HB Hinged Knee Brace is ideal for medio-lateral instability of the knee, Post surgical rehabilitation, Non-operative management of the injured knee, complex knee pain, sprain and strain.

Re-imagine Comfort with the NextGen 3D knitted Compression which combines the aesthetics of 3D knitting with the precision of fusion technology.

What makes 3D knitted Braces different?

  • Advanced Knitting: 3D knitted, four way stretchable material prevents constriction, offers adequate compression and improves blood circulation. Consistent compression produced by the support relieves knee pain and enhances mobility.
  • Targeted Relief: 3D knit supports offer a therapeutic knitted compression to stimulate muscular-skeletal action for improved performance and joint stabilization.
  • Snug Fit: 3D Knitting allows for precise and comfortable fit which ensure the highest level of protection during rehabilitation. Anatomically contoured design keeps the support from rolling down and bunching during activity.
  • Higher Elasticity: Adapts to the natural shape of the knee and doesn’t restrict mobility. Reduced pressure at the edges prevents constriction and allows for maximum freedom of movement. Higher elasticity makes it easier to apply and wear the support.
  • Enhanced Wearing Comfort: Four-way stretchable and breathable material keep the sweat away for effective compression and greater wearing comfort especially in the area behind the knee.
  • Comfort at its best: Lightweight, durable and washable.
  • Anatomically shaped silicone pressure pad integrated at the kneecap keeps the patella in position and helps to position the support correctly. It also relieves pressure off the patella and prevents it from tilting.
  • 3D knit fabric and Silicone Pad provides massaging effect during movements which help to reduce swelling and knee pain more quickly and activates the muscles that stabilize the knee joint.
  • Medio-lateral hinges mimic the natural knee joint to support the medio-lateral ligaments during flexion. With help of these hinges, the knee is guided during movements and its freedom of movement is kept within safe limits.
  • Opposing straps above and below the knee provides enhanced proper anatomical fit and also keep the knee joint secure during movement. Also provides additional compression and keeps the brace in place during activity.

Available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large and XXX-Large sizes

Size Available
Circumference of the knee

size 3


In cms32-3434-3737-4041-4344-4646-48

Directions for use

Slip on the product to wear

Ensure that the knee is correctly placed in the groove of the silicone pad and the metal hinges comes on either sides of the knee

Apply the anterior and posterior hook and loop closures for extra support


For medio-lateral instability of the knee

Post surgical rehabilitation

Non-operative management of the injured knee sprain and strain

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