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Knee pain could be due to various causes – natural wear-and-tear due to old age, running on hard surfaces, sports injuries etc.

Dyna offers a variety of basic and advanced Knee Supports depending on the degree of support your knee requires. Your GP or Orthopaedic Surgeon can advise you the product most suitable for you depending on your specific medical condition.

Categories of Knee Braces

Knee Supports and Braces can be categorised based on the following parameters.



Additional Support

With or without additional support (Hinges or Spiral Stays). Our Hinged Knee Braces can be found here

Open patella or closed patella

The patella is the knee-cap – some knee supports have an opening here to reduce pressure on the knee-cap

Pull-on or Wraparound

Pull-on design provide a tighter fit and more support. A wraparound design is suitable where pulling up a knee cap is not comfortable e.g in cases of swollen knees, for senior citizens


Traditionally, medical knee caps were beige (skin-colored) and sports supports were multi-coloured. However, functionally, they both provide equal amounts of support

(This page discusses our range of Knee Supports . If you are looking for knee braces with metallic hinges for additional support, please visit our Hinged Knee Braces page. If you are looking for Post-operative knee immobilisers, please visit our  Knee Immobilisers page.You can also look at Dyna’s Heating Belts and Cold Packs to be used along with Knee Caps).

BrandFeaturesMRP Rs 

Dyna Premium



Dyna’s largest selling OTC Knee Cap in an attractive design




330 (pair)








Sego is the largest doctor-prescribed brand in India. Made with German circular knitting technology, it is designed for an anatomically perfect fit.



270 (single)




Dyna Regular




Anatomically contoured. In standard beige color. With closed patella




305 (pair)





Dyna Regular OP



Anatomically contoured. In standard beige color. With Open Patella if required to relieve pressure on the knee-cap region



140 (single)




Dyna Comfort




Anatomically contoured. In sporty black-and-blue




400 (pair)









A premium knee-cap made with German 3D Knitting technology in attractive colors and patterns.




945 (single)





Dyna Wraparound Knee Support




Neoprene wraparound knee support




495 (single)





Dyna Wraparound Premium



With advanced breathable neoprene for additional comfort when wearing for a long time



905 (single)




Patellar Support




A thin strap to support the knee cap









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