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Pain in the wrist can began as a mild discomfort, and then slowly worsen. Among the many reasons of wrist pain one, can be repeated patterns of activity, which over time may cause undue strain on the wrist. People may also experience wrist pain or fatigue when keying, mousing or writing whilst working at a desk. Another cause of wrist pain can be a sudden event or an acute injury that may break a bone or tear a ligament.  In any of the above cases wrist support can used to help support and stabilise the wrist whilst also providing pain relief and/or reductions in swelling. By providing compression around the wrist joint it increases stability of the wrist, gives support and helps in maintaining a neutral wrist position.

  • Sego Wrist Support offers therapeutic warming support for the treatment and prevention of injuries around the wrist joint
  • Unique “Pull and Wrap” design ensures proper fit

Available in sizes S, M, L and XL

Size Available
Wrist Circumference

size chart-wrist splint

In cm30-3434-4838-42 42-46

Directions for use

Apply the product around the wrist.

Fasten the hook and loop closure neither too loose nor too tight.


Over use injuries

Tendon injuries

Arthritic conditions of the wrist

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