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Dyna Sanitary Pad

Dyna disposable sanitary pads are longer, softer and much more absorbent than the ordinary pads. High absorbency makes it ideal for heavy flow periods. Disposable Panties given along with the pad is the most comfortable and hygienic way of holding the pad in place. The use of sanitary pad with fixator keeps the area dry, clean and bacteria-free.

Why should you choose Dyna Sanitary Pads?

Leak guard gel core: High absorbent gel core quickly absorbs a large amount of fluid, convert it into a gel-like substance.

2X More Absorbency: High absorption capacity reduces the task of changing the pads frequently

Cotton-like-softness for sensitive skin: Soft, skin-friendly and gentle on the skin

Moisture locking: Keeps you comfortable and active all day long.

Dyna Sanitary Pad

Maximum Absorbency:
Unique leak guard core rapidly absorbs fluid, crystalizes leaving the top dry

Elastic Side Bands:
Flex as you move, helping the pad to stay put and protect against side leaks

Soft, non-woven top layer: Gentle and skin-friendly

Odour control system :  Avoids unpleasant smell

Extra wide and extra long:
Equipped to handle heavy bleeding and offers best overnight protection

Dyna Sanitary Pad

Pack contains 4 Pads and one disposable panty. Apart from keeping the pads in place, the stretchable – Soft, non-constricting fabric, Disposable panties are designed for young and active women for use during periods to prevent staining of underwear. It also ensures worry-free movement and effective leakage control.

Directions for use

Remove the release paper from the pad

Stick the pad firmly on to the panties

Replace the pad once it reaches its maximum absorbency

Dispose the product after use(do not flush)


Disposable sanitary pad

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