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Dyna Genu ML knee brace with medio-lateral stays is intended to resist medio-lateral displacement of the patella(knee cap). This is a particular injury that causes knee pain in the front. Many active athletes have this problem, which originates from the mis-alignment of the knee cap in relation to the joint. Dyna Genu ML with Spiral Stays helps in proper biomechanics of the knee, which is important for any kind of sports performance situation.


Features of Genu ML Knee Brace with Spiral Stays:

  • Anatomically contoured with medio lateral spiral stays
  • Single stitch design over the patella ensures flexibility in motion
  • Unique 4-way stretchable and breathable fabric provides uniform compression

Dyna Genu ML Knee Brace with Spiral Stays is available in sizes S, M, L, XL

Size Available
Circumference of the knee

                       size 3


SIZEX - SmallSmallMediumLargeX - LargeXX - Large

Directions for use

Take measurement around the knee joint & decide appropriate size

Pull the leg brace such that the patella comes in the single knitted region

Ensure that the medio-lateral bars are correctly positioned on either sides of the leg


MCL, LCL instability

Damaged Meniscus

Degenerative joint diseases

Post-Operative and Post- Traumatic inflammation

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