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Primary causes of Foot ulcers and bed sore formation are loss of protective sensation and increased plantar foot pressure. Healing these ulcers need prompt control of infection, adequate blood supply, excellent wound care, and pressure offloading. Of these factors, offloading is believed to be the most challenging factor in the treatment of chronic wounds.

Pressure offloading using Felt Pad not only helps reduce the peak plantar pressures at the site of ulceration but also acts as a protective layer further enhancing the wound healing process. In contrast to other methods for pressure relief, such as total contact cast, felted foam also enables daily dressing changes.

Prozole - Adhesive Felt Pad

PROZOLE is made of Medical graded felt pad aids in effective pressure off-loading from peak plantar pressure areas as well as from ulcer sites resulting in faster wound healing and pressure relief. Skin-friendly Zinc Oxide adhesive helps in easy application and reduced skin irritation. Prozole can be customized to suit the wound size.

High resilient medical grade felt foam

  • Offloads and redistributes pressure from the ulcer site
  • Prevents abrasion to the wound margins

Hypoallergenic skin-friendly adhesive

  • Allows direct fixation
  • Enables quick fixing

Also available as Prozole PC: Adhesive Felt Pad- Pre Cut

Size Available


5 x 5 CM10 X 10 cm


Directions for use

Ensure skin is clean and dry

Peel off the paper backing and apply pad to the skin

Do not place on the open wound. In such cases scooping must be done, in such a way that diameter of the scooping should be more than that of the wound in order to avoid direct contact

Necessary anti-biotic ointments and dressings can be applied to the wound.


Recurrent Foot ulcers

Bed Sores

Metatarsalgia, Calluses and Corns

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