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Easynet Tubular Elastic Net Fixator
  • Quick to apply and always secure, even on the most difficult parts of the body
  • Does not obstruct the circulation of blood and does not cause skin irritation
  • Allows skin to breathe and thus reduces the risk of maceration
  • Allows visual inspection of the environment around the wound site
  • Stretch to 10 times its original width and twice its original size
  • Does not fray because all thread joints are knotted
  • Fits all part of the body without restricting patient movement
Easynet Tubular Elastic Net Fixator
  • Hold wound dressings firmly in place without tape
  • Ideal for holding dressings on head, fingers, joints and other awkward sites
  • Easy to apply, highly versatile to fit a broad range of indications
  • Open, breathable design facilitates faster healing and easy monitoring of the wound site
  • Can be cut to the required size without tearing or fraying
  • Available in 25 m stretched length and 1 to 8 cm width to accommodate all body parts and patient sizes
  • Sterilisable, latex free and hypoallergenic
Easynet Tubular Elastic Net Fixator-3

Sizes Available:

Size 1 – 8 to 20 cm – Suggested Application: Fingers, Toes
Size 2 – 20 to 30 cm- Suggested Application: Fingers, Wrist, Small Hand
Size 3 –  30 to 41 cm – Suggested Application:  Hand, Elbow, Foot
Size 4 – 41 to 56 cm – Suggested Application:  Hand, Elbow, Foot, Knee
Size 5 – 56 to 66 cm – Suggested Application: Calf, Thigh, Head
Size 6 – 89 to 107 cm – Suggested Application:  Small, Chest, Axilla, Abdomen, Thigh, Shoulder
Size 7 – 107 to 127 cm – Suggested Application: Chest, Axilla, Abdomen
Size 8 – 127 to 147 cm – Suggested Application: Chest, Axilla, Abdomen

Size Available
Stretched Width in cm

Size Stretched Width
Size 1 8 to 20 cm
Size 220 to 30 cm
Size 330 to 41 cm
Size 441 to 56 cm
Size 556 to 66 cm
Size 689 to 107 cm
Size 7107 to 127 cm
Size 8127 to 147 cm

Directions for use

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1. Ideal for securing burn or post-op dressings, hot or cold packs, IV tubes, incontinence pads and decubitus ulcer dressings
2. Specially designed for challenging bandaging needs including the difficult to dress joints

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