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What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema is a build-up of lymph in the fatty tissues under the skin. This leads to swelling in the arms. Secondary lymphoedema is seen in cancer patients where lymph nodes are removed along with the tumour. It is estimated that about 30% of women undergoing breast cancer treatment will develop lymphoedema. Lymphoedema may develop immediately after surgery (short-term lymphoedema) or even after many months (long-term).

How can Lymphoedema Stockings help?

Comprezon Lymphoedema Stockings and Sleeves help to:

  • Stop (the flow of lymphatic fluid from torn lymph vessels)
  • Soften fibrosis (which is a hardening of the limb with resulting restriction of circulatory flow)
  • Reduce lymphatic fluid accumulation (by forcing a flow through the limb)

Why is Comprezon the best choice in Lymphoedema Stockings?

  • Comprezon is made using specialised European machinery to provide ACCURATE and GRADUATED compression
  • Comprezon is made to European standards
  • Comprezon provides international quality at almost half the price (MRP) of imported stockings. Other “stockings” manufactured in India are either “stitched” or “ tubular garments”. These cannot provide graduated and accurate compression. Graduated compression that is essential to ensure blood flows back up the leg. Incorrect pressure gradients may result in worsening the patient’s condition
  • Comprezon uses imported technical yarns to ensure quality, durability and skin friendliness
  • Unlike cheap lookalikes, Comprezon retains its pressure gradient over many months of use
  • Available throughout the country via 2000 distributors
  • Well-trained field staff throughout the country to answer any questions you may have

Comprezon Lymphoedema Stockings and Sleeves are available in Class 2 (23-32 mmHg pressure) and Class 3 (34-46 mmHg pressure).
Class 2 is usually prescribed for Mild Lymphoedema and Class 3 for Severe Lymphoedema.

Comprezon Lymphoedema Sleeves are available in the following styles:

AG (Arm Sleeve with hand)
AGH (Arm Sleeve with hand + shoulder cap + belt)
CG (Arm Sleeve without hand)
CGH (Arm Sleeve without hand + shoulder cap + belt)

AD – Below Knee
AF – Mid-thigh
AG – Up to Groin
AGTR – Up to Groin with Belt on Right Leg
AGTL – Up to Groin with Belt on Left Leg
AT – Panty Hose
ATM – Maternity Panty Hose

Size Available

lymph size4 chart

SIZESSmallMediumLargeX- LargeXX- Large

Style Available


Directions for use

Turn sleeve inside out upto the wrist region

Put the hand into the reversed portion and insert the thumb through the thumb hole

Pull the remaining portion of the sleeve up the hand

Smoothen out the wrinkles with gentle upward motion of the hand

Bring the elastic strap across your back and secure it with the hook and loop closures in the front


Class 2(23 -32mmHg): Mild Lymphoedema

Class 3(34 – 46mmHg): Severe Lymphoedema & Elephantiasis

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