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Mallet finger occurs when you cannot straighten your finger. And even if you try to bend the finger, the tip of the finger remains bent toward your palm. Mallet finger is the most common injury in athletes. If a mallet finger is left untreated, it may develop a deformity of the finger joints called a swan neck deformity. And the swan-neck deformity can impair the normal function of the fingers. Wearing a splint on your finger to keep it straight is the most common treatment for mallet finger.

  • Support the dip joint in hyper- extension, while permitting unrestricted movement of the PIP joint
  • Strong Aluminium reinforcement provides rigid immobilization
  • Inbuilt hook and loop fasteners
  • Cushioning for enhanced comfort
  • Sleek and convenient

 Available in Universal Size

Size Available


One Size Fits Most

Directions for use

Apply the product on the finger and attach hook and loop straps


Mallet finger

Swan neck deformity

To hold distal interphalangeal joint in correct alignment following injuries

To keep distal inter phalangeal joint in hyperextension

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