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Dyna Weight Cuff

The weight cuffs help in improving muscle strength, muscle tone and stamina through load resisting exercises. It can improve the mobility in post trauma and injury conditions.

Wrist and ankle cuff weights are used to add leverage resistance to the arms and legs in exercise workouts. Hands can remain free as the wrist cuff doesn’t need to be held in a grip, and the ankle cuff is not attached to any major muscle and therefore can be used in almost any exercise. Adjustable Cuff Weights can be used for at-home strength training, in a commercial gym, or at a physical therapy rehabilitation clinic. The strength training accessory benefits all strength level abilities, including the elderly, those rehabilitating from injuries, to athletes in perfect physical condition.

Ankle and wrist weights are used to increase the workload in the following three areas of fitness:
1. Strength and Endurance
2. Toning
3. Stretching

Dyna Weight Cuff 2
  • Compact design for using on limbs
  • Made of soft and breathable fabric material for comfort
  • Hook and loop straps for easy application and removal
Dyna Weight Cuff 3

Available Weights : 1/2 kg, 1 kg & 2 kg

Weights Available


Weight1/2 Kg1 Kg2 Kg

Directions for use

Wrap the weight cuff on the limb

Tighten the strap through the buckle


Weight training during the post traumatic or injury rehabilitation of limbs

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