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Hyper Extension Brace

To limit front bending, a hyperextension brace features a rigid aluminium frame that goes over the front of the body. A hyperextension brace also features 4 pads that help stabilize the spine and prevent forward movement. One pad is located along the abdominal region, another is higher up on the chest, and the third pad is on the back and covers the affected area. These pads that put pressure on the chest and pubic bone. Because a hyperextension brace is primarily used to treat spinal compression fractures that occur where the upper back meets the low back, this brace also puts pressure and support on the thoracic spine. This pressure keeps the spine in an extended position.

Hyper Extension Brace

Hyper Extension Brace New – Dyna

  • Hinged sternal and pubic pads designed to fit with body contours, prevents flexion of the spine.
  • Hyper Extension Brace New offers special features like:
  • Designed in high quality aluminium – lightweight and comfortable
  • Adjustable lateral pads – Adjustable both horizontally and vertically and Supported by a posterior thoraco lumbar pad

Hyper Extension Brace – Dyna

  • Two lateral pads for trunk stability
  • Hyper Extension Brace offers special features like:
  • Designed in aluminium- lightweight and comfortable
  • Sternal and pubic pads prevents flexion of the spine and Supported by a posterior thoraco lumbar pad
Hyper Extension Brace

Hyper Extension Brace is available in 3 variants:

Hyper Extension Brace New – Dyna

Hyper Extension Brace – Dyna

Hyper Extension Brace – Dyna Innolife

Size Available
Circumference of the Chest

size chart-shoulder


SizeSmallMediumLargeX - Large

Directions for use

Place the sternal pad and public pads in the sternal and public region

Fix the lateral pads in the medio-lateral region

Keep the latch lock open and wrap the free end of the strap around your back, centering the back pad comfortably on your lower back

Attach the back strap using the quick release closure and fasten the hook and loop closure

Close the latch lock for better fit


Stable compression fractures of the spine

Post operative immobilisation of the spine

Adolescent kyphosis

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