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Dynamic Techno Medicals Home page

>> Neck Aids
>>Support Collars
>>Emergency Collars

>>Knee Supports
>>Knee Brace
>>Genu Ortho
>>Genu ML
>>Hinged Knee Supports
>>Knee Immobilisers
>>ROM Braces

>> Chest and Shoulder
>>Chest Braces
>>Rib Brace
>>Thoraco Lumbar Brace
>>Hyper Extension Brace
>>Clavicle Brace

>>Surgical Dressings
>>Padded Dressings
>>Foam Dressings
>>Transparent Dressings
>>Medicated Dressings

>> Back and Abdominal Belts
>>Heating Pad
>>Lumbosacral Belts
>>Abdominal Belts

>>Compression Stockings
>> Anti-embolism Stockings
>> Varicose Vein Stockings
>> Lymphoedema Stockings
>> Ulcer Stockings
>>Four-Layer Bandage
>>Compression Bandage
>>Stockings Applicator
>> Flight Socks
>> Work Socks

Arms and Wrist
>>Arm Sling
>>Elbow SUpport
>>Wrist Support
>>Wrist Splint
>>Shoulder Abduction Splint
>>Cock-up Splint
>>Tennis Elbow Brace

Foot And Ankle
>>Ankle Supports
>>Silicone Heel Cusion
>>Silicone Insole
>>Foot Drop Splint

>>POP Bandage
>>Synthetic cast
>>Cast Paddings
>>Pneumatic Walker
>>Cast Protector

Foot Care
>> Silicone Foot Care Products
>> Diabetic Socks

Wound Care
>> Transparent Dressings
>> Post-Operative Dressings
>> Post-operative Silver Dressings
>> Foam Dressings
>> Cannula Fixator
>> Injection Site Patches

>> Compression Bandage
>> Tubular Bandage
>> Cohesive Bandage
>> Elastic Adhesive Bandage
>> Crepe Bandage

Mother Care
>>Maternity Pads
>>Maternity Pad Fixator
>>Maternity Support

>>ECG Electrode
>>Skin Blade
>>Scar Treat

Other Pages
>> About Us
>> Infrastructure
>> Locations
>> Certifications
>> Blog
>> Articles
>> Photo Gallery
>> Artificial Limb Center

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