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  • Provides maximum comfort with less strain on incision site
  • No seams or no stitches
  • Non-constricting, highly elasticated, waist band is designed to offer comfort fit
  • Provides light compression around the abdominal area reduces swelling and decreases pain
  • Wide gusset comfortably hold a maternity pad in place during the first few weeks after delivery

Freedom of body movement, Higher Elasticity, Inherent Softness

Why Seamless?
No sewing, no seams, no stitches. That’s seamless
The seamless garments are very comfortable, smooth and sleek fit.
Freedom of body movement
Seamless garments are precisely fitted to the body, producing a smoother, clean look. Also stretches to accommodate the growing body without being tight.
Higher elasticity
Adapts perfectly to the growing body making you forget you are actually wearing them.
Better Fit
Eliminate the awkward creases and embarrassing bulges for smoother, sleeker look.
Inherent Softness
Because of the absence of irritating seams provide for improved comfort and provides sof feel. It reduces chafing against the skin.


Available in Black & White colours.

Size Available
Circumference of the Hip


SizeSmallMediumLargeX - Large
In Inches32-4440-4844-5248-56
In cm80-110100-120110-130120-140

Directions for use

Select the product as per the measurement chart

Slip on the product to wear


Post Delivery(C-Section) Panty

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