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Knee Support Long – Olympian
The Knee joint is one of the most over loaded joint since it has to bear the weight of human body. Knee pain can be a result of weight bearing, overuse, arthritis or problems in knee cap. The Knee Support Long is designed to protect knees from injuries during sports or other daily activities. Extra length of the support which covers the calf region also provides the advantage of added support, compression and comfort when you do your routine activities or during your favorite action sport. It also helps in stopping the swelling, ease pain and iin preventing further injury


Indications for use of Knee Support Long

For arthritis, chronic degenerative joint disease and irritation of the knee


Size specification of Knee Support Long
Circumference Measurement around kneeSizeSmallMediumLargeX-LargeXX-Large
Knee circumferenceIn cm32-3434-3737-4041-4344-46
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