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After a knee surgery, the leg needs to be completely immobilised for a few days. After that, the leg is gradually allowed to move in a small range, hence such braces are also called Range of Motion braces. The knee brace has a flexion-extension setter which can be fixed easily as per the recommendations of the doctor and requirement of the patient.The brace allows Range Of Motion (ROM) and fixed angle setting (including complete immobilisation). Flexion and Extension can be changed at 10 degree increments. The brace allows Range Of Motion (ROM) and fixed angle setting (including complete immobilisation). Flexion and Extension can be changed at 10 degree increments. Dyna LMKB has mild steel medio-lateral supports. It has adjustable thigh and calf bands with hook and loop closures.

ROM Brace

For providing the desired ROM gently press the knob at the flexion plate and fix it at the required degree keeping the extension and flexion plates at the same degree. For complete immobilisation, fix both the knobs at 0 degree.


Dyna offers two variants of Limited Motion Knee Brace

Dyna Limited Motion Knee Brace Premium
Dyna Limited Motion Knee Brace Short

Size Available

size 3


One size fits most(For Knee circumference of 32-49 cm)

Directions for use

Before application make sure that the flexion and extension are set at 0 degree

Align the metal hinges on either sides of the knee and fasten the hook and loop closure

Decide the range of motion and set the flexion button at a particular angle

For complete immobilisation set the flexion and extension buttons at 0 degree

By manipulating the flexion button, you can decide the range of motion


Post-operative immobilisation

AC, PCL, MCL and LCL injuries

Meniscus Tears

Knee dislocation

Joint arthroplasy

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