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Newmom Maternity Pad Fixator

With NewMom Pad Fixator there is no longer a need to spend time trying to remove difficult spots caused by normal bleeding after childbirth. New mothers can change and get rid of the underwear as often as necessary and give attention to the more important parts of motherhood- such as spending time with the new born. NewMom Pad Fixator is specially designed to hold the pads gently and discreetly. The stretch fabric and shape make comfort after a cesarean section, as they can be worn either below or above the scar. The distinctive material allows practical, easy care as they wash well and dry quickly.

Newmom Maternity Pad FIxator
  • Seamless, soft and stretchable waist band relieves pressure on the abdomen
  • Extra stretchable leg openings provides comfort
  • Breathable material offers air circulation and protection from fungal infections
  • Soft, light and stretchable design prevents constriction, itching and pain
  • An ideal aid to hold absorbent pads after delivery
Pad Fixator

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL

Size Available
Measurement of the waist

newmom chart


Directions for use

Select the product as per the measurement chart

Slip on the product to wear

Pads not included in the packet


To hold pads post-delivery

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