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Dyna 9" Abdominal Belt

Abdominal Corsets (also called Binders or Belts) are used after surgery to provide support and compression to the weakened abdominal walls. Compression results in increased blood flow which has been shown to lead to faster healing of the incision. The Abdominal Support reduces pain at the surgical site during laughing or coughing. It also reduces swelling of the surgical site.

  • The usage of an Abdominal Binder is recommended immediately after surgery and continuing for upto 3 months.
  • Abdominal Corsets allows full range of motion and can be worn during work or other activities

The following variants of Abdominal Corsets are available from Dyna

Dyna Abdominal CorsetWith a soft-cloth back-panel and elastic straps580Buy
Dyna Abdominal BinderFully elastic 20cm width binder for snug fit760Buy
Sego4Universal size 4-panel which can be adjusted both for length and width800Buy
Stoma BeltTo hold colostomy bags post-surgery580Buy
stoma belt
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