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Knee Immobilisers are used to immobilise the knee immediately post surgery like a TKO (Total Knee Replacement). ROM Braces are used to restore the motion of the knee gradually after immobilisation.

(This page discusses our range of Post-operative knee immobilisers. If you are looking for knee caps for sports injuries or age-related knee pain, please visit our Knee Supports page. If you are looking for hinged knee braces for extra support in case of more serious injuries please visit our Knee Braces page page).

Brand Features MRP
Dyna Knee Brace A short knee brace with 2 side bars for support 730 Buy
Dyna Knee Brace Special Longer than the Dyna Knee Brace 895 Buy
Innolife Knee Immobiliser Available in 3 different lengths 14”, 19” and 22”. Has 2 additional metallic bars at the bag of the leg for perfect immobilisation 730 – 1345 Buy
3-panel Deluxe A Universal Knee Immobilizer with a sleek international design 1230 Buy
ROM Brace A Short Range of Motion Brace to gradually restore bending of the knee post-surgery 2100 Buy
LMKB Premium A Premium Limited Motion Knee Brace longer than the ROM Brace 4705 Buy
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