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  • Imitates the jaw thrust manoeuver while protecting the cervical spine
  • Facilitates airway clearance
  • Immobilises without compromising the airway and without grasping the neck
  • Easy to operate by any first-responders. Mechanical jaw thrust maneuver promotes single-use care giver resuscitation
  • Effective, fast and painless
  • Can be used as a cervical collar with or without airway opening
  • One-piece design, adjustable to size, and radiolucent
  • Flexible chest plate that enables the device to be adjusted to different patients sizes. The anterior part protect the cervical spine from flexion
  • Chin holder with adjustable straps
  • A set of adjustable Mandible cups used for the jaw thrust
  • A set of Mandible sliding levers(with release) used to push the mandible cups forward thus opening the airway

Available in Universal Size

Size Available
For neck circumference of 30-46 cm


One Size Fits Most


Directions for use

Before applying, check that the mandible cups, located on each side of the collar arms, are in their full back position

Place Dyna Airway Collar behind the patient’s neck. If there are two care givers one immobilises the head while the other applies the product

Find the patient’s mandibles with your fingers and place both mandible cups on the patient’s mandibles

Secure the strap with its hook while placing the Chin Holder on the patients chin and gently pull on the adjustment strap to fasten the chin holder

Close the collar lock across the patient’s chest and thread the plastic lead into its mount

Tighten the chin holder by pulling the strap

To open patient’s Airway, perform jaw thrust maneuver by pushing the mandible levers forward

To release the mandibles and allow the jaw to return to its position, access the levers through the opening titles” Lift to unlock”, and lift the bars on both sides of the collar while pushing the levers backwards

Patient can now be safely transported to the hospital. If intubation is needed, loosen the chin holder cup, without removing the collar. After intubation fasten back the chin holder if needed.


For use by trained paramedics and care providers in first aid and emergency situations for open airway and immobilisation of the cervical spine in traumatic patients.

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