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Patients with suspected or possible cervical spine injury must have their cervical spine properly immobilised with a Trauma Collar until formal assessment occurs. The hospital staff handling these patients must be continually cognizant that injudicious manipulation or movement, and inadequate immobilisation can cause additional spinal injury and decrease the patient’s overall prognosis. Even minor injuries result in major consequences.

Dyna Trauma Cervical Immobiliser

Features of Dyna InnoLife Trauma Cervical Immobiliser
  • Padded chin and neck support for added comfort and immobilisation
  • Single piece design for easy application and removal
  • Adjustable and user friendly


Indications for which Dyna InnoLifeTrauma Cervical Immobilisercan be used:
  • Traumatic injuries of the cervical spine
  • Post surgical care


Importance of using a Trauma Collar:

1. Injured patients may have an unstable injury of the cervical spine

2. Further movement of the cervical spine could cause additional damage to the spinal cord, over and above that already caused by the initial trauma itself

3. The application of a trauma collar prevents potentially harmful movements of the cervical spine

4. Immobilisation of the cervical spine is a relatively harmless measure, and can therefore be applied to a large number of patients with a relatively low risk of injury “as a precaution”


Size specifications of Dyna InnoLife Trauma Cervical Immobiliser:
In cm30 -3434- 3838-4242-46
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Disclaimer: The information provided in this page is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Your doctor is the person best qualified to advise you on the right products for your specific condition

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