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Bone and ligament injuries of forearm and wrist, forearm fractures and post plaster cast usually require the usage of an arm sling as a means of protecting the injured area and allowing early healing of the tissue.Wearing an arm sling keeps your arm against your body and prevents unnecessary movements of your arm during the healing process.


DYNA  Arm Sling
Provides additional support for patient with Plaster of Paris cast. Adjustable padding for minimizing strain on the neck. Made up of sanforized cotton, comfortable to wear in all climatic condition. Hook and loop closures for easy application.

DYNA  Arm Sling Deluxe
Deluxe quality economical arm sling with no compromise on quality.

Dyna Innolife Arm Sling
Dyna Innolife Arm Sling satisfies those premium customers who needs quality and comfort combined with aesthetics. Additional foam padding in the hand rest area for comfort and removes further stress from the hand. Two way angle adjustment possible with adjustable shoulder strap. Adjustable padding for minimizing strain on the neck. Thumb holder for convenience.Clip for easy application and removal. Comes in attractive blue colour which will not get dirty soon.

Dyna Arm Sling Pouch

Dyna Arm Sling Pouch is biomechanically designed product with contoured hand rest area and thumb loop for better support and for speedy recovery. Contoured hand rest area.Two way angle adjustment (an extra buckle) for better angle adjustment. Thump loop hold for better forearm positioning and reduces thumb fatigue


Dyna Arm Sling is available in 3 variants

Dyna Arm Sling

Dyna Arm Sling Deluxe

Dyna INNOLIFE Arm Sling

Dyna Arm Sling Pouch

Dyna Innolife Arm Sling with Strap

Size Available
Length from elbow to metacarpal

size chart-arm sling

In cm 26-3030-3434-4838-4242-46

Directions for use

The hand should be placed in 90 degree

Adjust the shoulder straps to ensure that the hand is in 90 degree


Ideal Support for soft tissue, bone and ligament injuries of the frearm and wrist

Effective aid for conservative treatment of forearm fractures

As an additional support post plaster cast in case of fractures

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