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Arm Slings are used to immobilise a broken or dislocated arm or shoulder.

Bone and ligament injuries of forearm and wrist, forearm fractures and post-plaster-cast usually require the usage of an arm sling as a means of protecting the injured area and allowing early healing of the tissue.Wearing an arm sling keeps your arm against your body and prevents unnecessary movements of your arm during the healing process.

Dyna offers a variety of Arm Slings.

Brand Feature MRP
Dyna Arm Sling Traditional envelope arm sling with adjustable shoulder pad to relieve pressure from neck 325 Buy
Dyna Arm Sling Pouch Arm Sling with anatomically contoured arm rest area and easy to use clip for effortless application and removal. 325 Buy
Innolife Arm Sling Premium arm sling made of soft material with an additional strap to restrict the movement of shoulder for complete immobilisation. 645 Buy
Arm Sling Deluxe Made of cotton; in an attractive navy-blue colour 270 Buy

Dyna also offers “Sling with Tie” options which are suitable in emergencies and for light support. These consist of soft foam in a sleeve. These do not have elbow support, unlike arm slings.

Brand Feature MRP
Sling with Tie 1.5m length suitable for a single patient 240 Buy
Sling with Tie 6m length – suitable for institutions – can be cut to desired length to use for multiple patients 390 Buy
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