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Dyna offers anatomically shaped cervical pillows which support the entire length of the neck and ensure proper sleeping posture to reduce incidence  of neck pain.

The right pillow is essential in keeping the neck in a proper position with neutral alignment during sleep. If the height of the pillow is too high or low , your neck will bent abnormally out of alignment, which will worsen any existing neck condition and lead to daytime neck pain or stiffness. It also cause narrowing of the air pipe, resulting in obstructed breathing, and sometimes snoring, which can hinder sleep. No matter what position you lie in, the pillow should be under your head, but not your shoulders, and should be a thickness that allows your head to be in a normal position.

To ensure the proper sleeping posture, we recommend you to use a Cervical Pillow which conforms to the natural curve of the neck thereby maintaining the normal cervical alignment when you sleep.

  • Made of Hypoallergenic high quality polyurethane foam with 100% cotton cover
  • Provides proper sleeping posture
  • Supports the entire length of the neck allowing the neck, shoulder and upper back muscles to relax
  • Maintains the normal cervical alignment
  • Conforms to the natural curve of the neck to prevent tilting or over lifting of neck
  • Provides relief from stress related headaches
  • Helps reduce snoring by proper positioning of neck clearing air passages
  • Anatomical curve of the pillow adds to sleeping comfort


Dyna47cm x 27cm850Buy
Relaxzon56cm x 36cm1220Buy

Avoid the following conditions by using a cervical pillow

  • Cervical Problems
  • Cervical spondylosis or back pain
  • Neck sprains/ stiff neck
  • Snoring induced apnea
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