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A Philadelphia collar or cervical immobiliser is used to keep the neck and head in the correct position after a spinal cord injury (SCI). This gives the injured spinal column and the ligaments time to heal. It also help support the neck muscles.

TopPhil Cervical Immobiliser is made of hard plastic, with hook and loop closure. It consists of a front piece with a chin cup, and a curved back piece that fits against the lower part of the skull (head). This design and the rigid material helps to keep the neck and head in the correct position after a ‘spinal cord injury’.


Special features of TopPhil Cervical Immobiliser

  • Two piece design- Easy application / Adjustable
  • X-Ray lucent – Allow X-Ray to be taken without removing the collar
  • Anterior Tracheal Opening- Provision for emergency tracheotomy and provides access to carotid pulse
  • Motion restrictions possible with TopPhil Cervical Immobiliser
  • Flexion/ Extension (in %) Rotation (in %) Lateral Flexion (in %)

Available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes

Size Available
Circumference of the Neck


In cm30 -3434- 3838-4242-46

Directions for use

Align the front and back pieces of the collar with the arrows pointing upward

To ensure effective immobilisation, either side of the front piece should overlap the back

Ensure that the chin is rested on the chin support

Tighten the collar with the bilateral-hook and loop closure adjustment


Post cervical surgery

Severe cervical sprain

Cervical fracture

Cervical Disk Herniation

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