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  • Made of foam with padding for comfort.
  • Two semi-rigid posterior bars limit the knee flexion.
  • Semi-rigid Medio lateral bars are provided for medio lateral stability.
  • Hook and loop closures for easy application, removal and adjustment.

Dyna Knee Brace Special

  • Longer when compared to Knee Brace Ordinary.
  • Can be used in cases where additional support is needed.
  • The rigid posterior bars helps to fully limit the knee flexion.
  • Dyna Knee Brace Special also provides an additional strap above the patella (knee-cap) for better stability.

It is available in the following 2 variants
Knee Brace Ordinary – Dyna (36 cm)
Knee Brace Special – Dyna (53 cm)

Size Available
Circumference of the knee

size 3

SizeSmallMediumLargeX - Large

Directions for use

Wrap the product around the knee, with the widest strap covering the patella

Fasten the remaining straps

Apply the hook and loop closure neither too lose nor too tight


To prevent buckling of the knee while weight bearing.

Post operative conditions which require knee immobilisation in complete extension

As a weight bearing assist in paediatric patients for preliminary management e.g. Cerebral Palsy, post residual paralysis

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