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+91-7356115555 | Mon-Sat 9am-5pm IST

Dynamic Techno Medicals runs an Artificial Limb Center in Aluva, Kerala under the “Dynamic Health Care Center (DHC)” name.

The center at Desom was started in 1980.

Our center is run by a team of highly qualified Prosthetists & Orthotists and trained technicians who have extensive experience in rehabilitation processes. They are qualified in patient evaluation and skilled in the design, fit and fabrication of Orthotic & Prosthetic devices.


 DHC is well equipped to deal with complex and challenging cases. We give personalized attention, expert Orthotic & Prosthetic consulting, diagnostic services like foot scan, with quality products and timely delivery.

What is Prosthetics

Prosthetics is the surgical specialty concerned with the design, construction, and fitting of prostheses (artificial limbs). We use the latest designs in prostheses to provide amputees with mobility, comfort and an improved self image.

With the increasing advancements in prosthetic technology, there are different types of components now made available for the amputees. We consider the functional and other requirements of the patients and guide them in choosing the most appropriate limb.

Our services include

  • Lower Extremity Prosthesis
    Partial foot, Symes, Below Knee, Knee Disarticulation, Above Knee, Hemipelvectomy, Hip Disarticulation
  • Upper extremity Prosthesis
    Cosmetic arms, Functional (Body powered) hands, Myoelectric arms Partial foot, Symes, Below Knee, Knee Disarticulation, Above Knee, Hemipelvectomy, Hip Disarticulation
  • Post operative Care
  • Pre /Post Surgical Counseling
    Immediate Post-operative Prosthesis

What are Orthotics

Orthotics are devices (such as braces and splints) for supporting, immobilizing, or treating muscles, joints, or skeletal parts which are weak, ineffective, deformed, or injured. With the orthotic devices, we desire to give the required support, protection and improved function. We undertake the measurement, design and manufacture of orthotic devices. Patients receive personalized attention at the time of delivery of each orthosis to ensure perfect fitting and maximum satisfaction.

Our Services include

  • Calipers (Plastic / Metal)
    Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) / Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO) / Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (HKAFO)
  • Spinal Orthosis (Polypropylene / Osteoterm)
    LS corsets / Taylor’s Brace / Spinal jackets
  • Scoliosis Braces under Arm Orthosis with Osteoterm
    23 hours wearing TLSO / Charleston Brace / Milwaukee Brace
  • Upper Extremity Orthosis (Functional / Static) (Metal / PP / Ostoterm)
    Wrist Finger Orthosis, Wrist hand Finger Orthosis, Aeroplane Splints, and Elbow Cage
  • Mobility Aids & Special Devices for management of Cerebral Palsy
  • Compression Therapy for Varicose Vein /Anti-embolism / Lymphoedema

Other Orthotics

  • Custom / Prefabricated / Hip Orthosis / Knee Orthosis / Extension / Flexion Controls / Mermaid Splints / CDH Splints (Pavlik Harnes / Van Rosen) / Fracture Bracing / PTB Orthosis
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Prophylaxis
    Extra Depth Footwear as per the standards, Different types of Insoles, Silicone range of podiatry products
  • Therapeutic
    Custom Made Footwear and insoles, Total Contact Moulded Insoles within special footwear
  • Charcot management
    Total Contact Moulded Insoles within High Ankle Extra Depth Footwear Ankle Foot orthosis & PTB Orthosis

What is Pedorthics

Pedorthics is the practice of designing, making, and fitting therapeutic shoes for relieving painful or disabling conditions of the feet

  • Customized Moulded Shoes / Footwear
  • Orthopaedic Shoes
  • Arthritic Footwear
  • Arch Supports
  • Shoe Modifications


Kunnumpuram, Desom, Aluva,
Kerala, India
PHONE: 0484 2606093 / 2606096 / 2603272

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