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Due to its complexity the elbow joint is often prone to stiffness, especially if it is immobilized for a long period of time following an injury or operation. Therefore, in elbow rehabilitation, mobilization must be started early. Dyna ROM used after an injury or following a surgery to allow early movement without damaging the healing tissue.

  • Easy to operate flexion and extension setter for desired range of motion
  • Universal design which can be adjusted with lift and drop flaps
  • Adjustable biceps and wrist cuffs with soft cushion provides grip on the arm
  • Adjustable and customizable soft straps with hook and loop
  • fasteners helps in easy application and removal
  • Adjustable sling with soft shoulder pad for the additional support of the arm

Available in Universal Size

Size Available
For elbow circumference of 15-40 cm


One Size Fits Most


Directions for use

Loosen the cuff straps and insert the arm through the cuffs

Slightly fold the arm and bring the flexion-extension setter on the center axis of the elbow

Adjust the length of biceps and wrist cuffs by using lift and drop flaps

The wrist cuff should be close to the wrist joint

Tighten the soft straps by adjusting the hook and loop

Check the movement of the elbow joint

The customizable straps can be cut as per the circumference of arm after removing the hook and loop fasteners

Adjust the flexion- extension setter as per the requirement

Attach the additional sling to the buckle on the wrist cuff, take the sling from the back of the patient and clip it on the same buckle on the wrist cuff

Can adjust angle with hook and loop closures on the sling


Post surgical immobilization of elbow

Treatment for stiffness of the elbow joint

Ligament injuries of elbow joint

Instability in elbow or upper limb fractures

Collateral ligament reconstruction

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