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Taylor's brace

Kyphosis or forward rounding of your upper back and other problems like T.B of the spine, in most cases, require some amount of external support for better stabilization of the thoracic spine. Taylor brace supports and immobilizes the spine in neutral position, still permitting the requisite motion of the complete body. Taylor’s Brace helps in giving a firm support to the thoracic spine and straightening the curve. Taylor brace also offers a safe, non invasive way to prevent future problems or to help you heel from a current condition.

  • Made of soft fabric for comfort
  • Horizontal and Vertical metal bars offer proper support to the spine
  • Triangular buckle helps to pull and tighten the straps
  • Adjustable shoulder supports for correct shoulder posture, ensuring a better fitting of Taylor Brace and no slippage of the Spinal brace.
  • Elastic corset for better fitting
  • Additional strap for extra reinforcement

Dynamic offers 3 variants of Thoraco lumbar braces namely Dyna Thoraco Lumbar Appliance, Dyna Thoraco Lumbar Appliance Nova and Dyna Taylor’s Brace

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Directions for use

Apply the posterior extension in the thoracic region in such a way that the posterior bars come on either side of the spine

Tighten the elastic corset in the anterior region of the body for better fit

Then adjust the shoulder straps to correct the shoulder posture

Bring ends of the straps around the bilateral armpits and insert it through the buckle

Pull both the straps simultaneously with equal pressure

Attach the hook & loop by fixing the Hooks on the loops in the lower part of the brace

Apply the additional strap


Effective stabilization of thoracic spine

Post operative conditions

T.B of spine


Stable fractures of thoraco lumbar spine

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