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Under Neck Aids, we offer a variety of Cervical Collars and Pillows.

Cervical Collars are orthopaedic devices used to support or immobilize a patient’s neck and head.Cervical Pillows are designed to provide optimal support to the neck and reduce neck pain.


Immobilisation is required in the following situations

  • Neck pain, as a result of poor posture, whether it’s leaning onto your computer at work, hunching over your workbench at home, or sleeping in an awkward position
  • Moving a patient after a traumatic head or neck injury

Cervical Collars restrict the following motions of the neck

  • Flexion
  • Extension
  • Lateral Flexion
  • Rotation
Neck Movement



Soft cervical collars are the least restrictive, allowing the closest to the normal range of motion. Hard collars restrict the head rotation and side-to-side movement more than softer collars. And the cervical immobilizers are prescribed for cervical spine stabilization following either trauma, surgery, or fractures/dislocation.

Minimum ImmobilisationDyna Soft CollarModerate ImmobilisationDyna Hard CollarMaximum ImmobilisationTopPhil Cervical Immobiliser


Degree of Immobilisation of Various Collars 

Flexion/ExtensionLateral FlexionRotation
Soft Collar26%8%18%
Hard Collar45%28%32%
TopPhil Cervical Immobiliser71%34%56%

e.g TopPhil restricts Flexion/Extension by 71% of the normal movement


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