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Lumbogrip DS

Lumbogrip DS Lumo Sacral Corset with Double reinforced straps used in conditions such as Chronic low back pain, Post-operative rehabilitation of the lumbar spine, Osteoporotic pain of the lumbar region, Degenerative lumbar disc disease and Discectomy.

Re-imagine Comfort with the NextGen 3D knitted Compression which combines the aesthetics of 3D knitting with the precision of fusion technology.

What makes 3D knitted Braces different?

  • Advanced Knitting: 3D knitted, four way stretchable material prevents constriction, offers adequate compression and improves blood circulation. Consistent compression produced by the support relieves low back pain and enhances mobility.
  • Targeted Relief: 3D knit supports offer a therapeutic knitted compression to stimulate muscular-skeletal action for improved performance.
Lumbogrip DS
  • Snug Fit: 3D Knitting allows for precise and comfortable fit which ensure the highest level of protection during rehabilitation.
  • Enhanced Wearing Comfort: Four-way stretchable and breathable material keep the sweat away for effective compression and greater wearing comfort
  • Comfort at its best: Lightweight, durable and washable.
  • Anatomically shaped posterior metal stays facilitate correct posture and permits individual adaptation to the patient’s shape.
  • Double reinforced straps allow individual adjustment to provides just the right amount of compression to support the muscles and to ensure an adaptive fit for better compliance.
  • Fastening handles helps in easy application and removal of the brace without any considerable effort
Lumbogrip DS
  • Anatomically contoured metal stays support and stabilizes the spine from the back while the individually adjustable straps support the lumbar spine from the front.

Available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large and XXX-Large sizes.

Size Available
Circumference of the Hip

In cms70-8080-9090-100100-110110-120120-130

Directions for use

While applying ensure that the main Hook and Loop closures come on the front

Use the hand closures for easy application

Make sure that the metal stays are properly adapted to the curve of the patient's spine

Stretch out both the ends of the product and fasten the Hook and Loop closures

Apply the extra Hook and Loop closures for additional support


Chronic low back pain

Post operative rehabilitation of the lumbar region

Osteoporotic pain of the lumbar region

Degenerative lumbar disc disease


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