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Why should I use Post Maternity Corset?
During pregnancy, the expanding uterus stretches the abdominal muscles. It also pushes the other organs far away from their normal positions. After childbirth, the uterus takes about 6 weeks to return to its original pre-pregnancy size. The abdominal wall also becomes loose after child birth. A Post Maternity Corset provides additional support and compression and helps to speed up the process of regaining the mother’s pre-delivery shape.

Even after a C-section, it is advisable to use a Post Maternity Corset. In this case, the Corset provides support and compression to the incision. This increases blood flow to the area and results in faster healing. For the same reasons, such a corset is also useful after an abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck), hysterectomies, liposuction and bariatric surgery all of which need incisions to the abdominal area.


Why is Cling the best Post Maternity Corset available today?

  • Cling is 25cm wide; other corsets are only 20cm wide which does not provide full coverage for the abdomen.
  • Cling is fully elastic and provides a snug fit compared to products made with a combination of cloth and elastic.
  • Cling is made of high-quality, imported materials which are skin-friendly. Cling retains its elasticity even after long use.
  • Cling is thin and fits easily under clothes. As the name suggests, it clings to your body contours and is comfortable to wear for long duration.
  • Cling has hook and loop closures which are easier to adjust and can be worn even after you lose a few inches around your tummy. Some corsets use hooks or buckles which are more difficult to use.
  • Cling is also available in Breathable Elastic which allows the skin to breathe and is even more comfortable than normal elastic for extended wear.

Cling offers two variants of Post Maternity Corset

Cling Post Maternity Corset

Cling Breath Post Maternity Corset

Size Available
Circumference of the Hip

LS size

SizeSmallMediumLargeX-LargeXX-LargeXXX -Large
In cm70-8080-9090-100100-110110-120120-130

Directions for use

Wrap the product around the abdomen

Stretch out both end of the product as far and as tight as you can handle and fasten the hook and loop closure


Post Surgery

Post Maternity

Buying Options

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