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Spinogrip Spinal Brace is best suited for post-operative immobilization, Osteoporosis and Hyper Kyphosis with low back pain.

Spinogrip is well suited for conditions such as compression fractures and postoperative conditions where the complete immobilization and support of the spine is required. The compact and anatomically contoured design ensures the perfect fit to the body for ideal support. Spinogrip is coming in a two-piece design, i.e., Spinogrip Upper and Spinogrip Lower which ensures a custom fit for people of a wide range of sizes. The upper and lower part can be selected individually as per the specific size of the user which makes it much more efficient than the ordinary braces having single piece design.
SpinoGrip Upper:
The bio-mechanically designed upper part made of rigid metal provides complete support to the spine and relieves pressure off the spine. The upper metal brace is well covered with soft fabric and adjustable hook and loop straps for custom fit. Posterior metal frame facilitates correct posture and adequate spinal support. The shoulders can be held back by the tension of the straps.


SpinoGrip Lower:
The lower part is the 3D knitted corset which has to be used in combination with the right sized upper part. The four-way stretchable and breathable material allows air circulation and reduces sweat accumulation.
Together with the straps and the rigid metal frame, the brace supports your muscles in holding your shoulders back and straightening your upper body. You will still be able to freely move your shoulders and arms as well as breathe unhindered. If the brace has been optimally adjusted, it can reduce pain and increase day-to-day mobility.


Spinogrip Spinal Brace Upper:

  • Posterior metal frame facilitate correct posture and works against kyphosis
  • The long metal frame which extends from thoracic to lumbosacral region for optimal spinal support
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for correcting the shoulder posture
  • Tension of the shoulder strap can be adjusted individually by means of finger loops

Spinogrip Spinal Brace Lower

  • 3D knitted stretchable material provides perfect fit, effective and comfortable compression
  • Breathable elastic material provides air circulation and reduces sweat accumulation
  • Correct fitting and anatomically contoured design offers adequate compression and perfect fit
  • Fastening handles helps in easy application and removal of the brace without any considerable effort

Spinogrip is coming in two piece design,i.e., Spinogrip Upper and Spinogrip Lower. Select the right sized upper and lower part separately as per the size chart and. Right sized upper part has to be used in combination with the right sized lower part for better result.

Size Available
Spinal Length in cms

SizeSmall MediumLargeX-LargeXX-Large
In cm31-3535-3838-4242-4646-51

Size Available
Circumference of the Hip


Directions for use

Seek the help of an experienced person for application

Insert the metal frame in to the Pocket of the corset

Place the metal frame such that, it is vertically positioned over the spine

Insert both the hands through the straps on either top sides of the brace

Stretch both ends of the corset & apply the Hook and loop

Fix the hook and loop closure by tightening and wrapping it around the abdomen


Post operative immobilisation

Osteoporotic Spine

Hyper Kyphosis with low back pain

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