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TopGrip Compression Bandages

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TOPGRIP Compression Bandage is a highly effective solution for the treatment of oedema. Specifically designed to address oedematous limbs, TOPGRIP offers unique features that make it an ideal choice for managing this condition.

One of the key advantages of TOPGRIP is its impressive stretchability and elasticity. With a 300% stretch capacity and 100% elasticity, this bandage can comfortably accommodate oedematous limbs. The ability to stretch ensures a secure and snug fit, allowing for optimal compression and support to aid in reducing swelling and promoting proper circulation.

What sets TOPGRIP apart is its remarkable ability to retain its elasticity even after repeated use. This means that the bandage maintains its original form and functionality, providing consistent compression and support over time. Even as the oedema subsides, TOPGRIP still conforms to the limb, ensuring a customized and effective fit throughout the treatment process.

To cater to different limb sizes and treatment requirements, TOPGRIP is available in three different widths: 8cm, 10cm, and 15cm. This range allows healthcare professionals to select the most appropriate size based on the patient’s needs, ensuring optimal coverage and compression.

TOPGRIP is specifically recommended for patients with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) accompanied by oedema. Chronic venous insufficiency refers to the impaired functioning of the venous system, resulting in poor blood flow and the accumulation of fluid in the legs or other affected areas. By providing adequate compression and support, TOPGRIP helps alleviate the symptoms associated with CVI and promotes the reduction of oedema.

In summary, TOPGRIP Compression Bandage offers an ideal treatment option for individuals with oedematous limbs, particularly those with CVI. Its exceptional stretchability, elasticity, and ability to retain its properties make it a reliable choice for managing oedema effectively. With different width options available, TOPGRIP can be tailored to suit individual needs, ensuring optimal compression and support.


  • 300% Extensibility: Offers graduated compression
  • 100% Elasticity: Reinforces the compression
  • Conforms to body contours even after the swelling subsides
  • Ideal for orthopaedic, phlebological and dermatological problems
  • Meets British Pharmacopoeia Specification

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8cm x 4m, 10cm x 4m, 15cm x 4m

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