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Zinc Paste Bandage ( Z – Paste )


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Zinc Oxide

  • Proven antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties
  • Provides a moist wound healing environment.
  • Improve healing rates by correcting local Zinc deficit
  • Eliminates itching and improves skin Tone.


Moisturises skin gives a smoothing effect

Indication :

  • Varicose Eczema
  • Primary burns & cellulitis
  • A protective layer against POP cast

Sizes   7.5 cm * 6 m

Application Method 

The bandage contains no elastic fibers and does not stretch. Therefore, zpaste must be applied in a way that allows the swelling to take place & avoid tightening.


Take the bandage one turn around the foot. On the dorsum of the foot, fold the bandage back on itself to create a loose pleat. Complete a second turn around the foot, creating another pleat.

Continue bandaging loosely over the ankle heel and up to the lower leg, creating a pleat at every turn, slightly, off the center, so that pressure is not created over the leg. Cut off any excess bandage.

Once applied, smooth down the paste bandage and cover with a retention bandage according to the Doctor’s assessment & treatment plan.

On Removal, unwind the paste bandage rather than cutting away.

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