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4LB, a 4-layer compression bandage, is an ideal treatment protocol specifically designed for venous leg ulcers. This comprehensive bandage system offers a structured approach to effectively manage and promote healing in venous leg ulcers.

The first layer of the 4LB bandage is the Silver Stockinette, which serves as an antimicrobial protective layer over the wound dressing. The Silver Stockinette contains silver, known for its antimicrobial properties, helping to prevent infection and promote a clean wound environment.

Following the Silver Stockinette is the Orthopaedic Bandage, which serves multiple purposes. This layer absorbs excess exudate from the wound, reducing moisture and maintaining a favorable healing environment. Additionally, the Orthopaedic Bandage provides padding, offering cushioning and protection to the wound site.

The next layer is the Cotton Compression Bandage, which acts as the primary supportive bandage in the 4LB system. This bandage provides consistent compression to the affected area, aiding in reducing swelling, improving circulation, and facilitating the healing process. The Cotton Compression Bandage plays a crucial role in maintaining proper compression throughout the treatment.

The fourth layer of the 4LB system is the Compression Bandage, which exerts approximately 25mmHg compression. This bandage is applied in a figure-of-eight pattern with a 50% stretch, ensuring even and targeted compression. The Compression Bandage further supports venous return, reduces edema, and promotes healing by improving blood flow.

To secure the entire bandage system in place, the final layer is the Cohesive Bandage. The Cohesive Bandage not only provides compression (approximately 20mmHg) but also helps maintain the compression achieved by the previous layers. Its cohesive nature allows it to stick to itself without adhesive, ensuring the bandage remains securely in place during daily activities.

Together, the layers of the 4LB compression bandage system offer a comprehensive treatment approach for venous leg ulcers. This protocol addresses wound management, exudate absorption, compression, and stability. By following the 4LB system, healthcare professionals can provide an effective and standardized treatment for patients with venous leg ulcers, promoting healing and improved quality of life.

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