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Dyna Orthopedic Heating Belt PREMIUM

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Most people will, at some point, have muscular or joint pain which can be painful and uncomfortable. In such cases, a heating pad is a convenient, yet effective solution to ease the pain by providing controlled heating for hot fomentation. Hot fomentation increases blood flow, delivers needed oxygen and nutrients, and removes cell wastes. The warmth decreases muscle spasms, relaxes tense muscles relieves pain, and increases the range of motion. It is important to note that the DYNA Orthopaedic Heating Belt PREMIUM is intended for therapeutic purposes. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and your physician’s guidelines regarding usage and duration.

RUNS ON ELECTRICITY: No hassle of heating water on gas or heater

SILICONE INSULATED HEATING ELEMENT: Delivers localized heat to the affected area thereby helping in alleviating pain

3 TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: Allows to set the desired temperature for optimum comfort; Helps cut off power for safety

IN-BUILT TWIN THERMOSTAT: For accurate temperature control

4 LAYERS OF INSULATION: For safety and proper heat distribution

FLEXIBLE PAD: Conforms to the body contours

ULTRA SOFT FABRIC COVER: For comfortable wearing

INSULATED LONG CONNECTING CABLE: Provides complete protection against electric shock

HOOK-LOOP STRAPS: For hands-free operation

NO PLASTIC HEATING SURFACE: Unlike most consumer heating pads available in the market today, DYNA does not use plastic heating surface, thus it is much more comfortable and safe to use


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