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Dyna Pelvic Binder

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A Pelvic Binder is used to support and stabilise the pelvic region after surgery or after an accident. This reduces pain and prevents shearing of blood vessels during transport.

Pelvic fractures result from high-energy injuries, generally the result of motor vehicle collisions and high-level falls . They may also have internal bleeding and damage to nerves and internal organs. Since they are often linked to other internal injuries, pelvic fractures need very careful handling at the accident scene, during transport to hospital and on arrival at hospital.

Pelvic fractures can be associated with increases amount of bleeding, hypotension, and increased mortality. They cause life threatening blood loss, are amongst the most devastating musculoskeletal injuries.

Management and stabilisation of pelvic fractures can be lifesaving. The application of external compression devices such as the pelvic binder is quick, safe, and easy. It can assist in stabilising the damaged pelvic ring , decrease mobility which can have an effect on bleeding and pain.

  • Wrap around design and Hook-and-loop closures for easy application
  • Helps to reduce pain during movements and transfers
  • Allows easy access for laprotomy and angiography by releasing individual straps
  • Offers optimum compression


  • For support and stabilisation of pelvic region after surgery or an accident

Instructions for Use:

  • Place the soft foam portion on the back side of the patient and position under the pelvis
  • Make sure that the elastic part comes in the front region
  • Fasten the middle strap by ensuring that it is overlapping patient’s greater trochanteric and pubic region


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