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Dyna Sanitary Pad


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Dyna disposable sanitary pads with pad fixators are used for heavy periods which are longer, softer and much more absorbent as compared to the ordinary pads. These sanitary pads come with a pad fixator which offers a comfortable and hygienic way of holding pads. The use of sanitary pads with fixator keeps the area dry, clean and bacteria free.

Why should you choose Dyna Sanitary Pads?

Leak guard gel core: High absorbent gel core quickly absorbs a large amount of fluid, convert it into a gel-like substance.

2X More Absorbency: High absorption capacity reduces the task of changing the pads frequently

Cotton-like-softness for sensitive skin: Soft, skin-friendly and gentle on the skin

Moisture locking: Keeps you comfortable and active all day long.

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