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Ulcer Stockings


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Comprezon Ultima Ulcer Stockings is a 2-layer system providing 40cm pressure at the ankle thereby accelerating the wound healing process.

A venous leg ulcer is one of the most serious results of the progression of chronic venous insufficiency. Venous ulcers tend to recur and are difficult to heal. Such ulcers often appear on the inside of the leg (Medial) above the ankle. They are shallow and painful with a marked swelling in the lower leg.

Compression plays an important role in the healing of venous ulcers and it also prevents its recurrence.According to Stemmer’s framework, “ An external pressure of at least 40mmHg at ankle is required to achieve ulcer healing in patients with chronic venous insufficiency”.

Once the leg ulcer is healed, the patient should continue to wear a minimum of 30-40mmHg compression stockings as recommended by a doctor, to  prevent recurrence of the ulcers. It also ensures better patient compliance. It is specially designed in line with the principles of graduated compression therapy, which is recognized as the gold standard in the treatment of all venous problems.


Comprezon Ultima is made of two components:

1. Inner liner of 18mmHg:

  • Enables easy wearing of outer stocking
  • Secure wound dressing
  • Enhances wearer comfort

2. Outer stocking of 23-32mmHg:

  • Offers additional compression
  • Accelerate wound healing process
  • They together provide combined ankle pressure of 40mmHg.
  • The 23-32mmHg outer stocking is recommended for removal at night, but patient should wear the inner stocking during night.

Instructions for Use

  • Sit down in a comfortable position with your leg raised
  • It is better to wear glowes before application
  • Turn the liner inside out upto the heel
  • Wear the foot portion of the liner upto the heel
  • Pull the remaining reversed portion up the leg
  • Smoothen out the wrinkles with a gentle upward motion of the hand
  • Ensure that he dressing is not wrinkled and lays flat to the wound bed
  • Never pull the stockings too much since this may result in the formation of a tourniquet at the top
  • Follow the same procedure for outer stockings


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