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Newmom Maternity Compression Stockings

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NewMom Maternity Compression Stockings increase blood circulation and reduce heaviness and swelling in the legs and feet during pregnancy. They are recommended for use from the beginning of pregnancy.

Why do Pregnant Women have tired and aching feet

Among the many changes that happen to your body during pregnancy are the following which contribute to aching legs

  • The volume of blood in the goes up by around 50% to support the foetus
  • The consistency of the blood also changes and it becomes thicker. This it a natural body mechanism to protect the mother in case of uncontrolled bleeding during birth
  • The female hormone progesterone causes expansion of the walls of the veins
  • The growing baby presses against the pelvic blood vessels restricting blood flow back from the legs to the heart

As blood pools up in your legs and feet, it contributes to the feeling of tiredness.

It is estimated that 30% of women suffer from aching legs during their first pregnancy and more than 50% suffer from this from the second pregnancy onwards.

How does a Compression Stocking help

Compression stockings provide high pressure at the ankle and lower pressure at the knee. This pressure gradient pushes blood back up the legs proving relief from aching legs.

By preventing pooling of blood in the legs, compression stockings also reduce the chance of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

One recent study showed that compression stockings can help relieve nausea and vomiting during the early stages of pregnancy.

When should I use NewMom Pregnancy Compression Stockings

NewMom Compression Stockings may be used from the very beginning of your pregnancy. You may wear them during the day when you are sitting, standing or walking. When sleeping, your feet are at the same level as the rest of the body and hence the stockings are not needed.

Why are NewMom Maternity Compression Stockings the best option

NewMom Stockings are made in India using specialised German technology and imported technical yarns to provide accurate and graduated compression.


  • Accurate compression (machine-made and tested unlike stitched garments)
  • Graduated compression (i.e high pressure at ankle and lower pressure at the knee thereby pushing blood up the the legs)
  • 14-16 mm Hg (millimetres of mercury) pressure at the ankle
  • Fully covered calf: Over-the-calf graduated compression stockings are effective in reducing the actual swelling and subjective feeling of heavy and tired legs
  • The non-restrictive top-band at calf. Prevents slip-down without being too tight

Material Content

Polyamide 80%  ; Elastane 20%

The materials are skin-friendly and have been tested for biocompatibility. Elastene helps to give a perfect fit and provides a gentle massaging action

Indications for use:

  • Tired and aching legs
  • Swollen ankles
  • Mild oedema
  • Cramps in calf muscles

Warnings and Contra-indications

  • Check with your gynecologist before using compression stockings during pregnancy.
  • Do not use Newmom maternity stockings if you have venous disease, peripheral arterial disorder or diabetes.
  • For desired results, select the correct size using the size chart below. If you need help deciding the correct size, please contact us on our online chat.
  • If there is discomfort or pain, discontinue use and consult your physician

Instructions for Use

  • Sit down in a comfortable position with your leg raised
  • Wear gloves before application
  • Turn the stockings inside out up to the heel pocket
  • Wear the foot portion of the stockings up to the heel pocket
  • Pull the remaining reversed portion up the leg
  • Smoothen out the wrinkles with a gentle upward motion of the hand

Size Chart


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