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Spinal Brace


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A Spinal Brace supports and immobilises the spine during recovery from a fracture or spinal surgery. This promotes healing and reduces the chance of further injury.

A Spinal Brace can also help in posture correction and prevent progression of the deformity.


  • Posterior metal frame facilitate correct posture and adequate spinal support
  • The spine support extends from thoracic to lumbosacral region for optimal spinal support
  • Universal lumbo sacral support for proper fit


  • Post operative immobilisation
  • Osteoporotic Spine
  • Hyper Kyphosis with low back pain

Instructions for Use

  • Insert the spine support frame in to the Pocket of the corset
  • Place the metal frame such that, it is vertically positioned over the spine
  • Insert both the hands through the straps on either top sides of the brace
  • Stretch both ends of the corset & apply the Hook & Loop
  • Fix the Hook & Loop strap by tightening and wrapping it around the abdomen


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