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Dyna Medical Compression Stockings

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When the modern world spins vibrantly, today’s men and women spend most of their time on their legs. this gives so much pressure to the legs resulting in tired and aching feet and foot fatigue. This, at a later stage, may develop into serious complications like DVT, Pulmonary Embolism, etc. According to the American Venous Forum “Graduated Elastic and compression hosiery is the golden standard for the treatment of venous disorders”.

Dyna Medical Compression Stockings is designed to fit various lifestyles and is best suited for those who have had or will be having a vein procedure. The Stockings give relief to tired, aching, heavy, tingling, and burning, numb legs, ankles, and feet.

Wearing graduated compression stockings improves blood circulation and prevents the progression and reoccurance of varicose veins. Dyna medicals compression stockings assure consistent and graduated compression for successful therapy. Dyna Medical Compression Stockings provide accurately, graduated, and durable compression throughout the life of the product.


1. High wearing comfort owing to soft & highly elastic material

2. Excellent elasticity and superior air permeability make it wonderful to wear as well

3. Keep the legs dry all day due to superior air permeability

4. Long-lasting: The neutral skin colour matches all clothing

How does it help?

  • Improve blood circulation in the legs and relieve the symptoms of varicose vein
  • Prevents the recurrence of the varicose vein after the treatment
  • Reduce edema and assist in the management and treatment of chronic leg disorders

What are the different variants of medical compression stockings?

Compression Stockings need to be selected on the basis of the following parameters:

Pressure ClassClass 1 (18-21 mmHg) to Class 2(23-32 mmHg)

The pressure is specified in terms of millimeters of mercury (mmHg) applied at the ankle

HeightAD: Knee-high     AG: Upto groin
SizeS/M/L/XL depending on the circumferences of the ankle, calf and thigh


Indications for use

Class 1(18-21 mmHg): Mild varicosis without any significant tendency to oedema formation, Early varicosis in pregnancy, Feeling of heaviness and tiredness in the leg.

Class 2 (23-32 mmHg): Severe varicose vein, Moderate oedema, Pregnancy varicosis, Mild post-traumatic swelling, Healing, Post minor ulceration, Post superficial thrombophlebitis, Post Sclerotherapy, Post-surgery.

Size Selection

It is recommended to take the size measurements first thing in the morning as the legs tend to swell later in the day.

Dyna Compression Stockings size chart


Instructions for Use

Stockings need to be tight to provide the correct compression and ensure proper blood flow. When you wear varicose vein stockings for the time, you may find them difficult to put on. The following video shows the correct way to wear compression stockings. You may need an Applicator to help you to wear stockings.



Additional information


Class 1 Low Pressure, Class 2 Medium Pressure


AD Below Knee, AG Upto Groin


Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

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