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AgFix Silver Foam Dressings for Foot Ulcers – Case Studies

Silver wound dressings have a prominent role in the modern practices of wound management. This is due to the following unique features of silver antimicrobial technology

  1. Sustained silver ion release

Unlike other silver dressings, AgFAB technology used in AGFIX helps it for a steady, long lasting ionic silver release in higher concentration to eliminate the bacteria present in the wound.

  1. Broad spectrum efficacy

Silver ions are active against a broad range of bacteria, fungi and viruses, including many antibiotic resistant bacteria.

  1. Multifaceted attack of the bacteria

Silver ions unlike antibiotics attack bacteria in multiple ways, by which it kills bacteria and prevent multiplication of bacteria simultaneously.

AGFIX is an anti-bacterial open wound dressingwith good fluid absorption properties. AGFIX is equipped with a “metallised AgFab Silver technology” which uses silver in its natural form and superior to many other silver technologies.

There are three variants for the AGFIX foam dressings,

  • AGFIX Foam Silver Dressing

  • AGFIX Ultra

  • AGFIX Ultra Max

AGFIX has 4 layer defense mechanism for the faster healing of different type of ulcers.

Non adherent Poly ethylene layer in the wound contact layer of AGFIX, prevents the dressing from adhering to the wound. This enables the dressing removal painless without disturbing the newly formed granulation tissue.

Anti-microbial Silver layer releases silver ions to the wound bed and eliminate bacteria for the faster healing process.

Hydrophilic Polyurethane foam with open cell structurehelps quick and excellent absorption of wound exudates.

Water proof semi permeable Polyurethane film protects the dressing from bacterial penetration from the outer atmosphere.

AGFIX Foam is suitable for minimally exuding wounds like diabetic foot ulcers. In severe chronic diabetic patients the arterial circulation will be reduced and oral antibiotics works slowly to heal the wound, whereas AGFIX releases silver ions directly on wound bed and act as anti bacterial, promoting the natural healing process.

In moderately exuding wounds like venous ulcers and bed sores it is ideal to use AGFIX Ultra, because of its double absorption capacity than AGFIX Foam and pressure absorption from wound area in case of bedsores.

A specially designed AGFIX Ultra Max with Super Absorbent Polymer is recommended for heavily exuding wounds such as Severe Chronic Venous Ulcers. The Super Absorbent Polymer of AGFIX Ultra Max offers significantly higher absorption capacity than AGFIX Ultra.

Following images shows the progressing of various ulcers after treating with AGFIX:

  1. 68 year old patient with 40 year venous ulcer history:




2. 58 year old female patient with 9 year history of ulcer:



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