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Bar Coding of Primary Packs of Drugs

The government of India has made it mandatory to bar-code mono cartons (primary packs) of drugs shipped out of the country from July 1 2015. Primary packaging includes ampoules, vials, bottles, cartridges and blister-packs. This is to ensure that the…

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Panel on Medical Devices

In December 2014, the Union Health Ministry of India decided to set up a high level committee to review the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1945 and make the rules more relevant. The committee has now set up 7 sub-groups to…

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Diabetic Foot Q&A by Dr Arun Bal

Dr. Arun Bal is one of the most prominent diabetologists in India. He is a diabetic foot surgeon at Raheja Hospital, Mumbai. He is also the President of Diabetic Foot Society of India. The following Q&A dates back to 2007;…

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eDura – an elastic spine implant

A team at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale in Lausanne, Switzerland has announced the development of flexible spinal implants that could help paralysed people walk again. The implant is called the eDura for "electronic dura mater". The dura mater is the…

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First new antibiotic in 30 years

The  Antimicrobial Discovery Center at Northeastern University in Boston, US announced the discovery of Teixobactin, the first new class of antibiotics in nearly 30 years.  The discovery is a breakthrough because bacteria are increasingly becoming resistant to existing antibiotics. The rampant misuse and…

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100% FDI In Medical Devices in India

Today, the Indian Cabinet has approved 100% FDI in Medical Devices in India. Till now, FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in this sector required FIPB (Foreign Investment Promotion Board) approval. The need for FIPB approval led to long delays in getting foreign funding.…

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