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Universal Wrist Support


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Repetitive use of the wrist can cause strain on the tendons and nerves that support the area, which leads to wrist pain. Wrist wrap can be extremely useful in the treatment of sports or accidental injuries, and assist in maintaining the wrist in a neutral position. It also provides a smooth, controlled resistance to prevent wrist injuries from occurring or help support the wrist after an injury.


  • Made of breathable neoprene material
  • Elastic hook and loop straps with thumb holders for easy application.
  • Intended use of the product
  • Relieves wrist pain and strain


Ideal for sprain strain and arthritic conditions of the wrist joint

Directions for use

  • Insert the thumb through the thumb holder on one end of the strap
  • Pull the other strap. Wrap it around the wrist and attach the hook loop
  • Now remove the thumb holder from the thumb and attach the strap to the product after adjusting the strap for the desired compression

Size Available

Universal(For wrist circumference of 14-20 cm)

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