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Dyna Rehaid Walking Frame (Walker)

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A Walking Frame (also called as Walker) is a necessity for patients who need additional stability and support while walking. When standing, walkers provide enough independence that the user doesn’t require assistance from someone else. Because of its wider base, a Walking Frame provides better support than using only a walking stick.

Walker with Wheel



  • The Dyna Walking Frame is designed as per biomechanical principles for proper weight distribution and has a Wide frame for better stability
  • Dyna-Rehaid Walking Frame has foldable legs for easy storage, especially for patients who are often on the go. It comes with a push-button mechanism for easy folding which provides easy management and peace of mind.

    • 100 Kg of Load Bearing Capacity
    • Telescopic Height Adjustment
    • Ideal for Senior Citizens & Post Surgery Cases
Walker - Height Adjustment

Telescopic Height Adjustment

Just with a one-touch button you can adjust the height as per the height of the user or as per requirement. The height of the walking frame can be adjusted from 30 inches to 36 inches in 1-inch increments. Height of pediatric walkers can be adjusted from 22 inches to 26 inches in 1 inch increments.

Walker - 100kg Load

100 kg of Load Bearing Capacity

Our walker has a wide and deep frame with sturdy construction and maximum load-bearing capacity of 100kg which properly distributes the weight and prevents falls among patients during walking and enhances overall balance.

Light-weight Walker

Light-weight and Rust-proof

Another attribute which makes this walker your mobility companion is its lightweight and rust-proof feature. The anodized aluminum structure ensures maximum strength and safety while remaining lightweight.

Anti-slip Bushes

Anti-Slip Protection

Slip-resistant rubber tips on the bottom of each of the four legs minimizes the chance of slipping, and make movement from one place to another, both indoors or outdoors, completely safe.



Hand Grips

Hand Grips for Safety & Comfort

Comfortable soft foam padded hand grip offer extra support for individuals with special functionality needs. The contoured hand grips provide extra stability while reducing hand pressure and fatigue.

Portable Walker

Foldable & Portable

The portable walker quickly folds down for convenient travel or storage. The foldable design makes it easy to use anytime, anywhere.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use & Operate

Our walker is designed with a comfy push-button mechanism that is effortless to operate.

It can be used safely with a one-touch button release and no worries of falling or loosing balance while operating the walker.

When to use a Walking Frame:

  • Starting to walk after surgery
  • Gait training for people using artificial limbs
  • Hemiplegics
  • Geriatric Patients who need assistance when walking
How to use a walking frame:

1. Adjust the height of the walker to be about waist-high. The height should be comfortable for the patient. It should allow for a slight bend of the elbow when you hold the handgrips of the walker – this is necessary to maintain blood circulation when using the walking frame. The ideal height (upto the handgrip) is the height of the patient upto the wrist when standing with arms on the side and elbows slightly bent.

2. Stand between the 2 sides of the walker

3. Pick up the walker and place it a short distance ahead

4. Move a step forward to the walker

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4

Keep your back straight. Don’t hunch over the walker

Care Instructions

  • When standing up straight, the top of your walker should reach to the crease in your wrist.
  • Your elbows should be slightly bent when you hold the hand grips of the walker.
  • Keep your back straight. Don’t hunch over the walker.
  • Check to be sure the rubber tips on your walker’s legs are in good shape.
  • Replacements are available for Rubber tips.

Types of Walkers:

REHAID Walking Frame The light-weight and Foldable walking frame.
REHAID Walking Frame Child The light-weight and Foldable walking frame for children.
REHAID Walking Frame with Wheel The light-weight and Foldable walking frame with the wheel which is reciprocating to avoid lifting of the walker during the walk
REHAID Reciprocating Walking Frame The light-weight and foldable walking frame which is reciprocating to avoid lifting of the walker during the walk
REHAID PREMIUM Reciprocating Walking Frame Silver Premium reciprocating and foldable  Walking Frame with attractive silver color finish


Size : Universal

Walker Summary 2

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Walking Frame-Adult, Walking Frame-Child, Walking Frame-With Wheels, Reciprocating Walking Frame, Premium Reciprocating Walking Frame, Dyna Walking Frame (Green , Black Colour)

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