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NewMom Disposable Maternity Pad

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NewMom Maternity Pads are longer, wider and much more absorbent than ordinary sanitary pads.

A new mother typically experiences profuse bleeding starting immediately after child birth and lasting for around 10 days. The pads will be required to change every one-two hours immediately after giving birth. This frequency will reduce to every three-four hours over the next three days. Ordinary pads will not suit the purpose as the bleeding will be extensive and there is a chance of infection. Hence it’s important to buy maternity pads, rather than ordinary sanitary pads.

  • With the added discomfort of episiotomy or C-section stitches, any inferior quality ordinary pads will make a woman’s mind preoccupied with tension and discomfort when her mind and energy has to be given for her baby.
  • The constant efforts needed to change the pad frequently, cleaning of clothes caused due to rewetting are all hurdles in her way to ensuring good health and hygiene.
  • NewMom Maternity Pads offer ideal solution for all these problems.

NewMom Maternity Pad  Benefits:

  • Super Absorbent Polymer quickly absorbs large amount of fluid, convert it into gel like substance, ensuring maximum absorbency during days of profuse blood loss
  • The high SAP content when compared to ordinary pads is specially given to prevent rewetting and leakage thereby offering a dry perineal area
  • Extra length and width compared to normal pads prevent back and side flow
  • Elastic side gathering prevents leakage
  • Material is soft and non-irritating providing complete comfort
  • More absorption capacity reduces the task of changing the pads frequently
  • Wide adhesive strip ensures secure fit
  • Last for long hours without developing unpleasant smell


Pelvic muscles get weakened during pregnancy. Because of this about 50% of new mothers experience incontinence (urine leakage) when sneezing, laughing or  lifting heavy objects. The Maternity pad can also be used for incontinence as it is more comfortable than large and bulky adult diapers.


Size Chart

MAXIPAD – For the first 3 days after delivery when the flow is maximum

MEDIPAD – From the 4th day onwards, for reduced flow

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