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Newmom Paediatric Disposable Underpad

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  1. HIGH ABSORBENCY: Highly absorbent SAP core quickly absorbs and lock away moisture, keeping the surface dry and preventing leaks
  2. High-quality disposable changing mats
  3. Designed for convenience and hygiene during diaper changes
  4. Waterproof and leak-proof to protect surfaces
  5. Eco-friendly and safe for your baby
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Newmom Baby Underpads are designed to provide improved comfort, convenience, and leakage protection during baby nap, play and tummy times, while changing diapers or as a portable changing surface when traveling. Apart from protecting surfaces from potential leaks or spills they also help maintain hygiene by providing a clean and hygienic barrier between the baby and the changing surface. Using baby underpads can potentially save money over time. Instead of using multiple diapers for every diaper change, you can use a single underpad and simply replace it as needed. This can be especially beneficial when dealing with light wetting or during potty training.

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Pack of 20, Pack of 40

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